to the virtual home of Reel Dialogue: Bridging Cultures Through Film, a series of films and community events fostering dialogue and awareness of various cultures in the Kansas City metro area.  Co-Sponsored by Avila University and the Missouri Arts Council.

The 2012 series explores the voices of Mexican, Arab and Filipino immigrants in modern America. Each film screening is accompanied by community events and activities designed to enrich the cultural experience. Check back often for updates!

Film Schedule:

All films shown at 10 am at the Glenwood at Red Bridge theater. Tickets cost $5.

February 18
The Five Cardinal Points

This film follows Mexican workers eking out a hardscrabble living in Kansas City. It tells the story of the inhabitants of Tres Valles, Mexico, and the families’ choice to separate and seek fortune in the USA. Either legally or illegally many of them settle down in Kansas, where they “rebuilt” their home village to celebrate Mexican provenance.

March 3
Tales From Arab Detroit

When the largest Arab American community in North America brings an Egyptian poet to perform a 1,000-year-old epic, the result is a familiar American tale: parents make an effort to pass on cherished traditions and language, while their Americanized children are at home in a world of fast food and video games. The film is story of cultural conflict and resilience.   View trailer here

March 24
The Learning

A film about Filipina teachers who come to Baltimore during the school year to earn money to support their families and return home in summer. Negotiating between two cultures, the Filipina teachers struggle with the vastly different school systems and loneliness of American life.


2 Responses to Welcome…

  1. Raul says:

    I really wanted to see this film. Went to Avila University but couldn’t find the theatre. An address would have been nice.

    • Raul

      Sorry that you missed the film. On the home page it says all films are at the Glenwood-Red Bridge Theatre and under the event info tab we have a link to the theatre directions. The website is new so we know that we’ll need to include the location in more prominent location.

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